Study Course Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our FAQ’s section that can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

1) Welcome to the SIA Study Course! How do I get started?

To begin the process, please go to:

From there we recommend watching the New – Instructional Video and/or the User Guide. (see screenshot below)

These tools will help you have an error free enrollment experience. Many people, in their hurry to get started, skip this process and then end up contacting us for help. We then have to give you step-by-step instructions via email that could have been avoided if you just follow instructions.

Once you review the process with the recommended tools, you can begin the enrollment process by clicking on the Get Started Button.

1) About the Study Course
The study course completion is required to participate in the Debt Relief and Vendor Card programs as well as put in place to help new people understand the differences between our real government and what we currently have in place. This education is needed to help understand the differences between our Civilian Government and the Government Service Corporations currently running our country.

2) What do I need to know about filling out the Enrollment Form?
The Enrollment form information is what is used to set up your User Account Profile. It is also used to populate your Affirmation of Completion after you have completed the course. Therefore, all the information you put on the Enrollment form needs to be accurate. Once the form is submitted, you will not be able to make any changes yourself. Only the Study Course Administrator can make the changes for you. The reason for this is to minimize potential fraud. If a person were able to go back in and change the name on their profile then anyone could go in and create a fraudulent “Affirmation of Completion” for other people.

NOTE FOR LRO USERS: If you already have an account created at the LRO please use the same email address you are using there so that the database will be able to recognize you. If you are not using the LRO then use any email address you choose.

IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste your username and password and put it in a safe place that you can remember. More people contact us saying that they cannot login to the course than anything else. It usually turns out that the new user forgot either their username or password that they put into the enrollment form during the enrollment process.

Once the enrollment form is filled out, you will automatically be sent to the checkout page tp pay for the course. If you are not sent to the Enrollment page or get hung up, please click on the Button below to contact the Study Course Administrator.

Breakdown of Enrollment and Purchase Process

IMPORTANT: We now have a new secure payment processor for your transactions. 

After submitting the Enrollment form you should have been re-directed to the checkout page (see screenshot below). 

Next, choose your donation level (see screenshot below) and it will open the form for you to continue. From there, fill out the form and click the “submit” button.

Once Payment is complete,  you will be automatically logged in and re-directed to your user profile to begin the course.

If you have issues getting into the course please contact us by using the button below.

1) I was not sent to the my user account page to begin once the Enrollment form was submitted.
If you were not sent to your User Account to start the course go to: and try logging into your account by clicking on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner of the page. (see screenshot below)

If you are still unable to get in then there are a couple of things to check.

Make sure you are using an actual computer to log into the course. We have found that mobile devices sometimes have issues logging into the site. Since there are many different types of mobile devices, it could be a range of things that keep you from logging in. The best way to log in is to use a computer.

Also, if you have no choice but to use a mobile device, try adding another browser app to the device such as Firefox or Chrome to see if you can access the login through one of them.

2) I am using a computer but still cannot log in.
If you are using a computer and are still having problems accessing the course, there are a couple of things to check to ensure you are getting in.

There are sometimes issues with web browsers holding on to old data. If that is the case, we need to make sure that you clear the cache in your browser or try a different browser. You can find out how to do this by using a search engine and typing in “clear browser cache, (your browser name)” and that should get you the right instructions.

If you have more than one browser then try to use the other one to see if that solves the issue. If it does then that means the browser that would not allow you access needs to have the cache cleared. You can also try using a “private ot incognito” browser window to login. These browsers (usually) do not hold onto old cache and give you a better chance of logging in.

If you are running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) it may be stopping your access to the login. Disable your VPN and try it again.

Other login issues can be caused by Firewalls, Virus Protection Software, etc., even your Router can be the issue. Make sure the login url is whitelisted in these programs.

If you still not able to login, please click on the Button below to contact the Study Course Administrator so that he can reset your password and test your account.

1) I completed the course, what are my next steps?

Congratulations on completing the Study Course. Please download your “Affirmation of Completion” at this time. You will need it for your proof of completion of Part 1 of the course. This is required to participate in the Debt Relief and Vendor Card programs as well as put in place to help new people understand the differences between our real government and what we currently have in place.

Both the Debt Relief and Vendor Card programs are still in development at this time. Contact your State Assembly Coordinator to find out the contact for your Debt Relief Coordinator or go to the SIA Debt Relief site to sign up if you have not already done so.

Click to go to Debt Relief site

Part 2 of the Study Course is currently in development. We will notify all the users of Part 1 via email when it is finished. Things are happening so fast that most of our efforts are put towards getting you the new material as it is available.

Now that you have a good idea of where you stand in America you can begin your journey of self-governance with all the material we are putting out daily on our sites. Below is where you continue your education and you choose the subjects that interest you. (Information on all the 50 States Assemblies + Contact your State Assembly Coordinator + Educational Information) (This is the new version of the original American States Assemblies site) (This is explicitly a search site of all of Anna’s articles to date) (A new site that combines Anna’s Webinars with a search feature)  (Information on the debt relief program)

There is also a site where you can interact with other Americans and it has many conversations started on important subjects. It is called Mattermost and is currently only for people that have changed their political status to Americans. (paperwork completed and recorded). Once you are again an American, contact an Assembly Coordinator near you and ask them to have us send you an invitation. You can do that here:

For me, the most important learning tools are Anna’s Monday Webinars moderated by Teri Sahm, and then learning about the subjects she speaks of with material from the websites or using the search sites.

Feel free to use the materials and research your questions. There is a lot there that we are all learning as we go.